There have been seen in the city lately,
groups of men who invade a restaurant
around suppertime and force their way into the kitchen.
They all have full beards and dress very much alike -
dark suits, long black overcoats, fedora hats.
Some even have long curls around the ears.
Many carry small bats with which they tap
the kneecaps of anyone who tries to oppose their entrance.
They then take over the kitchen, inspecting cupboards for
dishes, silverware drawers, cabinets for cookware,
and, most especially, refrigerators and freezers.
They cause a great deal of destruction simply by the
amount of food they throw into trashcans
totally disregarding the wails of the chefs over the waste.
One look into their eyes is enough to stop
anyone from taking action against them.
These men are the new food police:
The Kosher Nostra

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