Once upon a time, in Colorado,
the chief of an Indian tribe,
I believe it was the Navajos,
 had a very beautiful daughter. 
 And she was of marrying age.
 And many, many braves were wanting
the daughter's hand in marriage. 
 Well, being a wise chief,
he decided that he wanted his daughter to marry
the bravest and strongest and wisest brave of the bunch.
  So he held a contest. 
All the eligible bachelors were to go hunting
and the brave that brought back the biggest and best catch
would be given the chief's daughter in marriage.

A lot of braves turned out for this event. 
On Monday morning they all set out,
bows and arrows in hand. 
 Well, on Tuesday afternoon,
all the braves had brought their killings in -
Except for three:
Running Bear, 
Sitting Bull,
Falling Rock.

On Wednesday morning,
Running Bear brought in a really big black bear,
weighing 480 pounds and 7 foot in length. 
 The chief was quite impressed.
This was the best killing of all so far. 
But, of course, they had to wait for the remaining two
before he could award his daughter to Running Bear.

Well, on Wednesday night,
Sitting Bull brought back a really, really big cougar, 
even bigger than the black bear that
Running Bear had come home with.
  The cougar weighed 620 pounds and was 7 1/2 feet long.
  Clearly, Sitting Bull was about to win
the chief's daughter's hand in marriage.
Excitement rose within the camp. 
 Everyone was pretty sure that Falling
Rock couldn't top Sitting Bull's catch!

Thursday came and went .....
 Friday came and went .....
 Saturday came
and went .....
The weeks turned into months
and the months into years,
and still Failing Rock did not return.

It was obvious, the chief couldn't wait forever
for Falling Rock to return.
 So he granted his daughter to Sitting Bull
and they lived happily ever after,
and the tribe no longer waited for the wayward brave, 
but they did keep their eyes open when out on the trails. 
And today you will still see in Colorado those signs that say,
 "Watch for Falling Rock."


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