A man decides that he wants
to go horseback riding,
and even though he has had no lessons
or any other prior experience riding,
he thinks it shouldn't be
all that much too difficult to do.

So, after selecting what appears
to be one of the more gentle of
the horses tied up to the hitching posts,
he mounts it, unassisted.

Then, holding tightly on the animals reins, 
and without any further consequence, 
he leans forward in the saddle as
his horse swings immediately into motion.


It galloped along,
at a seeming steady and rhythmic pace,
but soon the amateur rider slowly
begins to slip from the saddle.

In terror, he grabs for the horse's mane,
but cannot seem to get a firm enough grip...
He tries throwing his arms around the horse's neck, 
all to no avail...


Soon he begins to slide still even further
from the saddle and down the horse's side.

The horse continues to gallop along,
seemingly oblivious to its slipping rider's plight.

Finally, in near exhaustion,
he reluctantly gives up his frail grip...

With all his remaining strength,
he desperately attempts to leap away
from the horse and,
in one final last ditch attempt,
he tries to reach safety.

Unfortunately, his foot
becomes entangled in the saddle's stirrup
and he's now at the mercy of
the horse's pounding hooves.

His head is struck against the ground and
 against the animal's hammering hooves,
again and again.

As his head is battered,
slammed, and beaten,

he realizes that he is mere seconds away
from total unconsciousness and certain death.

When all of a sudden...



The Wal-Mart manager

notices the rider's plight.

So he comes to the rider's rescue
and unplugs

the horse from its electrical outlet...




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