WHIMSICAL-WITS.COM contains jokes and humour that may be considered offensive by some people. However, a joke is defined as:

1. anything said or done to make people laugh

2. something not to be taken seriously

And humour is defined as:

1. funny quality: the quality or content of something, for example a story, performance, or joke, that elicits amusement and laughter

2. ability to see something is funny: the ability to see that something is funny, or the enjoyment of things that are funny � He has no sense of humour. 

3. funny things as a genre: writings and other material created to make people laugh

All jokes and humour on the WHIMSICAL-WITS.COM web site is to be considered as witty fun. It does not in any way reflect any beliefs of WHIMSICAL-WITS.COM. It is not intended to offend at any time. If offended by any humour then please exit the site.

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